Halfling Ranger



STR 1, DEX 4, AGL 3, INT 3, WIS 1, CON 4, Luck 1, Movement 6

Level: 1
Exp: 19
Gold: 0

HP: 4
MP: 3
AC: 3


Weapon: Short Bow – 2d6
Armor: Leather – 2d6
Items: Short Sword – d8, Sleeping Bag, Rope

Skill Sets

Aimed shot – Firing a bow without moving gives a bonus d8 to attack.
Accuracy – Range of bow attacks determined by dex in place of str.
Flaming arrows – Successfully use flaming arrows to start fires at long distance

Hunting – Find and prepare food in the wilderness.
Foraging – Find and prepare food near bushes, mushrooms, and food storages of questionable quality.
Tracking – Ability to determine a path to pursue an enemy who has ran out of sight.


Before the destruction of Honorguard, Ramox lived in a small house in a village on the outskirts of the kingdom. He lived there for over 20 years and in that time, he made few friends with the other villagers. The villagers mistrusted Ramox and dismissed him as paranoid, crazy, and potentially violent — they were right.

Ramox is a deeply paranoid man who sees conspiracies and hidden agendas around every corner. His eternally vigilance knows no bounds and he secretly transformed his basement into a mini-bunker with enough weaponry, supplies, and food to support a small army. Despite these eccentricities, Ramox is a very friendly man who will always lend a helping hand to those in need. Sadly, few get close enough to the man to see these good qualities hidden within him.

Ramox refused to fight in the war — not because he was afraid of fighting or dying — but because if he was going to go out fighting he wanted it to be on his terms, fighting for what he believed in, rather than as some government dog. He volunteered his services to help with the hunting parties that were tasked with bringing in food to support the war effort.

When the war became desperate, Ramox was drafted to take part in the final battle. He protested that this was a trap and that they would be leaving the castle defenseless if they moved out. He was ignored and forced to take part in the attack on threat of being executed for cowardice. Of course, he was right, and Honorguard was destroyed. He returned to the ruins of his kingdom determined to help as many people as he could escape with their lives.


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