Gar-itzal Sobek

Lizardman Fighter



STR 3, DEX 3, AGL 1, INT 1, WIS 1, CON 7, Luck 1, Movement 6

Level: 1
Exp: 11
Gold: 0

HP: 7 / 7
MP: 1 / 1
AC: 2


Weapon: Riders Ax – 1d8 and 1d6
Armor: Studded Leather – 2d6 and 2AC
Shield: Round Shield – d8


Skill Sets:

Melee Combat
Weapon Training – Ability to wield all weapon types.
Engage – If a combatant, that has just been attacked by the player, tries to move away within the next turn of combat, an extra unarmed attack may be made immediately.
Perry – Defend with a weapon in place of a shield with d6 defense.

Defensive Maneuvers
Armor Training – Ability to use any armor type.
Stand ground – Player receives an additional d8 effective die for defense rolls if he has not moved and he will not be knocked over by any attack.
Unarmored Defense – If unarmored, roll an unarmored defense of d8.


Gar-itzal Sobek, most often called Gar, was in the personal guard of Lord Grazznk from the desert clan. He was sent as security with some other warriors to assist a trade group. During the voyage, they were attacked by some warlocks from the Raven. The survivors, only three warriors and a merchant, returned home.

After reaching the desert clan, they saw it was no more. The fortress was destroyed, all were dead or had fled. Gar swore vengeance upon his people and his lord, and is now a mercenary warrior with the people of Honorguard.

Gar-itzal Sobek

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