Lizardman Monk



STR 2, DEX 4, AGL 2, INT 1, WIS 1, CON 6, Luck 1, Movement 6

Level: 1
Exp: 20
Gold: 0

HP: 6
MP: 1 / 1
AC: 2


Weapon: Staff – d6
Armor: Robes – d6

Items: 2 Healing potions and 1 Restore Magic Potion.

Skill Sets:

Unarmed Combat
Punch – 2d6 punch attack.
Block – Add an additional d6 die to defense roll against unarmed attacks.
Jump kick – Jump down from an elevated position causing a d10 unarmed attack.
Grapple – Upon a successful str skill check vs. the target, the target is unable to attack or move for his following turns. The target may break free with a successful str skill check against the grappling player each round.

Shape Shifting
Shape Shift – Partially change into one known animal type. Lasts until decided to be removed. Takes 1 round to change. Costs magic points.
Cat Tail – Player keeps perfect balance preventing the player from falling and damage from falling is drastically reduced.
Falcon Talons – Unarmed attacks receive an additional 1d8 attack die and total effective dice are a minimum of 2.


I was studying in a small monastery. I left against the masters wishes to fight in the second wave. When I returned all that was left of the monastery was a smoldering ruin.


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