Elf Wizard



STR 1, DEX 2, AGL 1, INT 6, WIS 3, CON 4, Luck 1, Movement 5

Level: 1
Exp: 18
Gold: 0

HP: 4
MP: 5 / 6
AC: 1


Weapon: Staff – d6
Armor: Robes – d6
Items: 1 daggar – d6, 1 Healing potion and 2 Restore Magic Potions.

Skill Sets

White magic
Healing – Heal target 1d6 life points.
Smite – Causes 3 damage to the undead.
Resist Fire – Target becomes highly resistant to fire spells for d6 rounds. Wis is a milestone for this roll.

Dark magic
Fire bolt – A ball of fire flies directly at the target and burns them for 2 damage.
Magic Missile – Magical bolt of lightning energy that shocks the target for 1 damage. May cast multiple bolts per round. Roll again for each bolt.
Cold Touch – Close range attack that causes damage for every die in your spell roll above the targets wis.


Young, intuitive, bright and rather inquisitive for an Elf, Fraw was born in the kingdom of Honorguard and raised by his Elven mother (Fleth) as an only child. Fleth moved to Honorguard in search of a brighter future for her unborn child when her husband was murdered in a bandit raid.

Fraw has always had a lust for knowledge of magical secrets which has been nothing but spurred on since the discovery of his magical talents. Only recently finishing ‘Basic Studies of Contrasting Magics’ at the College Of Virtue; Fraw was not in the recently lost battle as his combat skills are barely that of a novice, and his battle experience is next to none.

Whilst fleeing the Armies of Raven, Fraw’s mother was struck down by a stray arrow and despite Fraws efforts to heal the wound it was to severe.

And so… Morning the recent loss of his mother Fraw found him self fleeing southwards through the ancient ruins of the city unsure of what lay ahead of him.


Simple System Fraw